I have had the pleasure of teaching at Queen’s University in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, for the Faculty of Engineering, and for Continuing and Distance Studies. I have experience designing a course from the ground up (MATH 112), being one of many lecturers in a multi-section course (APSC 171 & 172), and co-coordinating courses of 1000+ students. In the Winter semester of 2016 I was the recipient of the First Year Instructor Teaching award. Two awards are given each year to the instructors of first year APSC courses in Engineering and Applied Science who, in the opinion of the students, contributed most to creating a good teaching and learning environment in the classroom.

Below is a brief description of the courses I have taught. For additional teaching experience (tutorials, labs, coordinating etc.) please see my CV.

CALCULUS I for engineers (Queen’s University, APSC 171)

Description: Functions, limits, derivatives; optimization, rate problems, exponentials, logarithms, inverse trigonometric functions; exponential growth as an example of a differential equation. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Riemann integral; applications to problems involving areas, volumes, mass, charge, work, etc. Some integration techniques. Textbook: Calculus, by James Stewart (any edition).

CALCULUS II for Engineers (Queen’s University, APSC 172)

Description: More integration techniques; numerical integration, improper integrals. Curves, speed, velocity. Functions of several variables, partial derivatives, differentials, error estimates, gradient, maxima and minima. Sequences, series, power series; Taylor polynomial approximations. Double and triple integrals, polar and cylindrical coordinates; applications to mass, center of mass, moment, etc. Textbook: Calculus, James Stewart (any edition).

Engineering and Applied Science First Year Instructor Teaching Award (Queen’s University) Winter, 2016


Differentiation and integration of the elementary functions, with applications to physical and social sciences; Taylor polynomials; multivariable differential calculus. Intended for students planning to concentrate in subjects other than Biochemistry, Biology, Life Sciences, Mathematics or Statistics. Texkbook: Calculus, by Deborah Hughes-Hallett et. al. (5th or 6th edition).


A brief introduction to matrix algebra, linear algebra, and applications. Topics include systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, determinants, the vector spaces Rn and their subspaces, bases, linear transformations, computer graphics, eigenvectors, diagonalization, dynamical systems, google’s page rang, ranking of sports teams. Textbook: Linear Algebra and its applications, by David Lay (4th edition).

Teaching Evaluations

The following comments are from the MATH 112 USAT survey and are in response to the question: What did you especially like about the course? You can find original copies here

“I really enjoyed how she taught. She was so clear and always made sure we knew what was going on. She really made coming to class worth it. I learned so much and really enjoyed the course. She is honestly the best Prof I’ve had yet!.” 

“I can’t say anything negative about this course! The workload was great with awesome assignments to review what was did in class and what will be on the tests. She was super organized and clearly knew what she was talking about. I like the way that she presented the material to us with a great balance between content and examples. The class has made me wish that I had chosen more of a math-based pathway. So it definitely stimulated my interest in the course material! There is not one thing I didn’t like about this course. Thanks for a great semester! I wish I could take this course again next year!”                      

“great prof, very engaging. You can tell she really cares about the students. Always available for extra help, grading was fair.”                                             

“An excellent instructor. Always very helpful. Answers questions clearly in an easy-to-understand fashion. When approached for extra help, she doesn’t leave until every student fully has their questions answered. Overall, best math teacher I have ever had. I appreciate how she goes over topics we learned in high school briefly when they are relevant to the topic we are learning. I currently have a 4.3 in this course due to her teaching excellence. In high school I had 50’s and 60’s in math!”             

“It’s one of the best courses I have and probably will take. The lectures are concise and evaluation is fair. Carly Rozins is a very good teacher/professor. Good course easy-to-understand fashion.” 


For original copy of evaluations and more see:

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